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  • You know the difference a good customer experience can make – but are you delivering it online?Customer Experience insights and advice.

    A majority of consumers now prefer to engage with small and medium businesses online.* To give your customers the best impression of your business, it’s crucial to know how they behave, what they expect, and how to boost your digital presence to meet their expectations.

    Our latest report on Customer Experience, the second in our Telstra Business Intelligence 2020 series, uncovers gaps between what consumers expect and what SMBs think consumers want when it comes to interacting with SMBs online.

    With insights gleaned from over 2,000 interviews with consumers and business owners and advice from a range of experts, we hope this report arms your business with the tools to help you succeed.

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    “Delivering outstanding service and knowing your customer is what gives small business an advantage over big spending, larger competitors.”

    Kevin Doyle - Salesforce

    “The delivery experience starts at the checkout. Make sure you give your customers choice and are upfront about shipping costs, delivery timeframes and your return policies.”

    Ben Franzi - Australia Post

    “We have over 40,000 active small to medium-sized businesses currently on our platform, so the shift to ‘buy now, pay later’ is having a significant impact.”

    Katrina Konstas - Afterpay

    “A data strategy that is led by clear goals around improving the customer experience can be a powerful tool in building stronger relationships with your customers.”

    Ryan Murtagh - Neto

    “Testing 5th Tile: Delivering outstanding service and knowing your customer is what gives small business an advantage over big spending, larger competitors.”

    Test Author - Test Company

    Telstra Business Intelligence 2020.

    Give your customers the best impression of your business online.

    Get independent insights and expert advice on how to improve your customers’ experience at every digital touchpoint.

    You’ll receive access to our Customer Experience insights report as soon as you’ve filled out the information below. You’ll also be among the first to hear when new reports are ready – there’s more to come in the Telstra Business Intelligence 2020 series.

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