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Michael Snare's 3 tips for business success

Smarter Writer
Smarter Team

The Smarter Team is made up of business and technology journalists who write to offer insights to small and medium businesses about technology, business know-how and emerging trends.

Smarter Writer
Smarter Team

The Smarter Team is made up of business and technology journalists who write to offer insights to small and medium businesses about technology, business know-how and emerging trends.

When Michael Snare launched Point Project Management (PPM) with business partner Brendan Bilston in 2006, it was a calculated risk.

Snare borrowed from his parents to cover cash flow for the first few months. He set about creating a company that in its first six years grew from one employee to 80, working from multiple offices. PPM managed projects annually worth billions of dollars for clients including the Department of Defence and Qantas. Under Snare’s watch PPM grew to become one of the largest specialist project management consultancies in Australasia with eight offices and an annual turnover exceeding $50 million. 

construction vehicle

Snare believes the following points are crucial:    

  1. Put structures and systems in place behind the scenes that allow things to run seamlessly. “For us, this stems from having a board of directors, through to executive management, senior management and our innovations committee,” he previously said about PPM.
  2. “Initially it was just Brendan and I bouncing ideas off each other. We now seek advice from third parties, such as industry peers, legal advisers or accountants.”
  3. Provide a workplace where staff can grow, be nurtured, and be unthreatened to achieve their maximum potential.
"There was a period when we didn’t make money. That all turned around when we won the Telstra Business Award. Six months prior to that we’d only taken on one new client, and three months after the Awards, we’d almost doubled our client base."


Cloud Convenienceconvenience

Snare believes that the effective use of technology in business is crucial, while harnessing the latest communications and business tech was key to the company’s success. PPM was an early adopter of smartphones for all staff, and quickly began to use cloud computing to let people work their own hours from a location of their choice.

Of course, industry validation in the form of a high-profile award from the Telstra Business Awards has also helpedlike the Telstra Business Award also helped.

A new beginning

In 2014 PPM was acquired by the London Stock Exchange and FTSE 250 listed company, RPS Group. In the same year Snare was recognised as the Australian Institute of Management Owner Manager of the Year for his business achievements with the company. He is now Managing Director of Arrow Projects, a dynamic and innovative Indigenous enterprise that delivers project management services to private and government clients.    

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