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Top 5 inspirational people you need to follow

Ennis Cehic
Industry Expert

Ennis Cehic is a writer and creative interested in branding, culture and the digital impact on society

Ennis Cehic
Industry Expert

Ennis Cehic is a writer and creative interested in branding, culture and the digital impact on society

From entrepreneurs to marketing gurus, the world of social media is full of inspiring wisdom you really can't ignore.

If you require a daily dose of motivational quotes to keep you focused, there’s an app for that. If you’re the kind of person who upskills with daily practice, there’s an app for that. But while these applications will help you finish tasks and reward you for it with stars and stickers, they won’t keep you inspired. They’ll just keep you motivated. 

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Why inspiration matters

In the world of business, inspiration is crucial. Without it, it can be hard to keep up the stimuli of desire and action. You need something to justify your reason for starting a business, and inspiration is the spiritual kick you need to keep going.

And unlike motivation, which is a mindset, inspiration is about the bigger picture – the longevity of your business purpose.

This is where people who understand the risks and challenges you are going through come in handy. People whose successes and business models we admire because they have been through the lifecycle of business growth.

Like everything else, technology has made inspiration readily available. It has made wisdom, advice, pointers and hints easier to get a hold of. From legends and experts across the world, entrepreneurs and communication maestros, the Internet certainly delivers.

But with so much on offer it can be daunting to find regular inspiration all the time.

To keep your big picture goals at the top of your mind across finance, marketing, philosophy and business here’s a few inspiring doers to keep track of. 


The experts 

Marketing and advertising

Jay Baer | @JayBaer

A truly inspirational marketing speaker and author, Jay delivers critical insights on social media, content marketing and consumer behavior. Author of New York Times’ bestselling book, Youtility, Jay has worked with some of the world’s most powerful brands since 1994 and via his many online channels, dives right into marketing and how to do it better.  What to check out:Convince & Convert Blog: Considered the number one content marketing blog in the world by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), this insightful platform run by Jae and his team will inspire you to keep your marketing on top of mind.

Start-ups and growth

Gary Vaynerchuk | @garyvee

A true rags to riches kind of guy, Gary transformed his father’s New Jersey liquor store into a 50 million dollar empire. An inspiring go-getter, Gary delivers inspirational insights through both his YouTube® and Twitter® channels.What to check out:#AskGaryVee Show: In his powerful and energetic style, Gary answers questions you tweet. From long Instagram® captions to elevators and aliens – Gary covers it all with relentless gusto. 


Tim Ferriss | @tferriss

Author, entrepreneur and angel investor, Tim Ferris knows how to navigate through the bounds of life and business. His advice is sought far and wide from companies as varied as Facebook® and Uber®. In addition to his best-selling books, he also gets in front of the camera to share ideas and shed light on productivity, business and everything in between.What to check out:#TFX: See Tim take on the world’s toughest challenges in record time. From recovery secrets for the most difficult workouts to creating competitive advantages in poker – Tim takes you on a journey of deconstructing the tough from the world’s best teachers. 

Business and philosophy

Derek Sivers | @sivers

A frequent speaker at TED Conferences, Derek delivers valuable insights on business, self-improvement and philosophy. Author of 34 books including ‘Anything You Want’ which shot to number one on Amazon® on all of its categories, his brief and powerful anecdotes on his blog and Twitter account will help you stay focused.What to check out:How to start a movement: With over 4.8m views, this inspiring TED talk will introduce you to the fabulous mind of Derek Sivers (and offer tips on how to change the world).

Entrepreneurship and technology

Naomi Simson | @NaomiSimson

Founder of RedBalloon and a Channel Ten’s Shark Tank judge, Naomi is a truly inspiring businesswoman who uses her social media channels to empower others and provide advice to emerging entrepreneurs.What to check out:Her personal website: Voted the seventh best business blog in 2015 by Smart Company, Naomi Simson’s personal website is a treasure-trove full of business and leadership insights. From personal stories to advice about where to find wisdom, if you want to become a greater leader, this blog’s for you.  

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