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    Customers are at the heart of any business. Positive customer engagement can increase your business’ appeal and boost long-term customer satisfaction. Explore advice on how to take customer feedback and turn it in to constructive change to improve your business.

    Customer Experience
    Customer Experience

    Customer Experience Customer Management

    Keep customers happy and maintain your work-life balance: Virginia Martin, founder of Búl

    Customers might be making enquiries about your business around the clock, but you don’t need to trade your well-earned downtime to be helpful and responsive. Virginia Martin, founder of Melbourne fashion label Búl, relies on self-service online tools, automated tech and sharing the load with her team to make sure she maintains her work-life balance...

    Customer Experience

    Customer Experience Online Business

    Customer Experience
    5 things customers expect from your business online

    Do you know which online features customers think are important when dealing with businesses online? Research shows that you may be underestimating these five things.

    Customer Experience

    Customer Experience Online Business

    Customer Experience
    5 ways to help prepare your business for online Christmas shopping

    Despite COVID-19 restrictions easing, many people might still prefer to shop online instead of in-store this Christmas. Is your business ready to meet the demands of the holida...