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    3 Apps To Manage Customers Relationship Telstra Smarter Business

    Jenneth Orantia
    Smarter Writer

    Jenneth Orantia is a journalist who has been reporting on tech developments and trends for the last decade

    Jenneth Orantia
    Smarter Writer

    Jenneth Orantia is a journalist who has been reporting on tech developments and trends for the last decade

    Discover how to take advantage of technology to nail your client meetings and make the most of sales opportunities. Find out more today!

    The word CRM (acronym for customer relationship management) usually brings to mind an expensive and sophisticated suite of software that is better suited to big businesses that need to manage hundreds or thousands of customers, and leads across large sales, marketing and customer service teams.

    For small businesses, this sort of software can definitely be overkill, but that’s not to say there’s no merit in specialised software. If you’re the time-poor founder of a small business who’s wearing multiple hats, you’ll still get plenty of value out of simpler (not to mention cheaper) apps that streamline the process of interacting with clients and suppliers.

    CRM graphic


    If your typical workday is packed with back-to-back client meetings, Tempo will assume the role of an ever helpful personal assistant. Based on the appointments in your calendar, it will put together all of the relevant information at your fingertips such as email conversations, Word documents, and even the weather forecast. If a location is specified for the meeting, you can navigate there by simply tapping on the hot-link, and you’ll get an option to use Apple Maps or Google Maps.

    From a customer relationship management perspective, Tempo’s insights feature is the most useful; based on the attendees that are listed for the meeting, it will pull in rich insights for each person based on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, along with any information it finds on the internet about their companies. The idea is that it’ll give you some intel to work with that will help build relationships.


    Evernote Scannable

    As techno-savvy as we’ve all become, the physical business card exchange is still very much a ritual for first-time meet-and-greets with new contacts. However, there’s no need to have a stack of business cards on your desk that accumulate after every such meeting. Evernote, the makers of the popular cloud-based note-taking platform, has launched Evernote Scannable, a new app that uses your smartphone’s camera to ‘scan’ physical objects simply by taking a photo of them.

    This idea isn’t new per se – plenty of apps have offered this type of functionality in the past. What sets Scannable apart is that everything you scan gets sent to your Evernote account, and if you’re already using this platform to save notes, it lets you add even more information to your ‘online brain’. For business cards, Scannable will automatically extract the relevant fields and create a contact card in your Evernote account. It can even pull in additional detail such as a contact pic if you link your LinkedIn account.


    LinkedIn Connected

    If you have clients and other important contacts on LinkedIn, the dedicated LinkedIn Connected app will make it easier to keep those relationships thriving. It doesn’t offer any information that you can’t get already from the standard LinkedIn interface, but it packages them up into a contact-centric interface that makes the information stream easier to process.

    If you sync your contacts and calendar with LinkedIn, for instance, you’ll get updates whenever people in your network change jobs, get a promotion, or have a work anniversary, with the idea being that you can reach out to congratulate them or have something to talk about the next time you see them. LinkedIn Connect will also gather together any insights it can glean from the network on people that you’re having a meeting with, so if you happened to go to the same university or have several mutual friends, you’ll have a common ground to connect over before getting down to official business. 

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