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    5 business tools you can buy on a post-Christmas budget

    Betsan Jones
    Technology Journalist

    Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

    Betsan Jones
    Technology Journalist

    Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

    Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. We’ve rounded up the best, budget-friendly business tools and tech that will streamline your business in 2016.

    We all know what it’s like in January; both our waistbands and wallets have felt the squeeze. But as tempting as it may be to be frugal at this time of year, now’s not the time to scrimp on tools that will help streamline your business’ operations.

    With a new year comes the prospect of bigger and better business goals, so we’ve rounded up the best small business tools and gadgets that will help you and your team achieve your goals – without breaking the bank.

    A close up image of a Telstra 4GX modem

    1. Doxie

    De-cluttering your space often tops the list of new year’s resolutions – and that shouldn’t necessarily stop at home. Doxie is a mobile scanner that helps keep paper stacks to a minimum by scanning your businesses’ important documents and saving them as searchable PDFs.

    These PDFs can either be saved locally on your computer, or be sent to various cloud services – meaning you not only have less paperwork sitting around but you, crucially, have a safe backup.

    The cordless business tool means you can scan on the go, taking your business to the next (paperless) level ­and helping to simultaneously save the planet and your desk space.


    2. Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Wi-Fi Plus

    In this day and age we’re often out and about with our small business tools. If you and your team are often on the go, this mobile broadband solution is ideal for small businesses looking for a portable, flexible solution. The little black modem operates on the Telstra mobile network , and has the ability to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices – making it perfect for meetings or working on the go.

    Its colour LCD screen shows clearly an estimate of your data usage, and with a battery life of up to 10 hours it’s a great piece of equipment. 


    3. Google Authenticator

    Whether you’re a seasoned smartwatch wearer or fresh to the scene following Christmas, this is one business tool you’ll want to download that’s of direct benefit to your business.

    The new version of this Google Authenticator app is now compatible for Android Wear devices and facilitates two-factor authentication at the swivel of a wrist – helping you boost the security of your online accounts. For those not familiar with the term, two-factor authentication is encouraged as an effective way to help protect your online accounts (and avoid getting hacked).

    It simply means that after you’ve entered your password to access a specific site or service, a verification message will be sent (usually to your phone) in order to further verify that it’s you accessing the account.

    Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twittter, Dropbox, Yahoo and PayPal all offer the facility, and this offline-capable wristband app means it’s now even easier for you to help secure the safety of your business accounts. Best of all, it’s free. 


    4. Neto

    If creating your own online store was number one on your to-do list this year, then look no further.

    Created to provide simple solutions to the problems originally faced by the founders, eCommerce tool Neto has pulled together all the different strings of an online shopping bow to provide an all-encompassing solution – from building an online shop to selling via multiple platforms and streamlining shipping and distribution operations. 


    5. LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro

    While phones have become an integral part of our business operations, they’re no good to us if they suddenly run out of juice. That’s where a portable charger comes in.

    The LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro is small enough (89 x 58 x 14mm) to transport easily – whether you’re out speaking to customers, arranging deliveries, or travelling to an exhibition.

    It’s also powerful considering its pocket-sized dimensions: it holds 3Amps of power, with 3000mAh of battery capacity, providing one full charge of a smartphone with higher power demands (such as the iPhone 6). The LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro comes with in-built cables, including a microUSB connector for Android phones.

    Looking to get your hands on the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced III?

    Read about its product features and buy one here.

    Find Out MoreLooking to get your hands on the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced III?
    Things you need to know:

    The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all capital CBDs and selected suburban and regional areas and is progressively rolling out to more places. In other coverage areas around Australia, you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G. Check coverage at 

    Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination.  Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Wi-Fi Plus: If multiple users connect to the device, speeds will be less.  Android and Google are trade marks of Google, Inc. Microsoft is either a registered trade mark or trade mark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Twitter is a trade mark of Twitter, Inc., and is used under license.

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