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  • Krishan Sharma
    Technology Journalist

    Krishan Sharma is a freelance journalist who writes for various consumer tech and business IT publications

    Krishan Sharma
    Technology Journalist

    Krishan Sharma is a freelance journalist who writes for various consumer tech and business IT publications

    Bought a new iPad over the holidays and wondering how you can turn it into a productivity workhorse? Read on to find out.

    With a remarkably thin and light construction and unbeatable app library it’s little wonder that Apple’s iPad is a top selling tablet. Discover the four accessories that will turn your iPad into the ultimate work tool.

    compilation of pen, laptop, modem and connector

    Zagg rugged book keyboard case

    With a keyboard cover accessory, you can turn the iPad into a viable notebook replacement. There are many choices on the market but the Rugged Book from Zagg stands tall above the competition with a superior polycarbonate and soft silicone build that deflects energy, protecting your iPad from tumbles, bright backlit keys allows easy typing in low-light situations and an astounding two year battery life between charges.The rugged construction means that you can freely use the iPad out in the field or at a construction site without the worry of damaging your iPad. We also love the versatility with the ability to use the iPad in four different modes: keyboard/laptop, book, video and case mode.

    Presentation cable: Lightning to VGA or AV adapter

    Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft’s PowerPoint apps on the iPad means you can take your business presentations with you but you will still need a convenient way to beam your presentation to a meeting room projector or television.Fortunately, Apple sells two different cables designed to be used for this very purpose. Firstly, there is the Lightning to Digital AV adapter that directly connects your iPad to HDMI input of the external display. For older monitors and projectors, there is the Lightning to VGA adapter. Both cables will enable you to mirror the content on your iPad, making it perfect for business meetings.

    Adonit Jot Pro

    Why bother with a pen and pad when you have the iPad on hand? Simply add a stylus to your iPad armory for precise note-taking and document annotation on the go. The Adonit Jot Pro is easily one of the better options on the market with its incredibly thin precision tip that delivers fluid writing and drawing. Its robust aluminium and steel construction offers a quality feel in the hand and is also magnetic allowing it to attach directly to your iPad’s outer bezel. The stylish stylus will always be in easy reach with its traditional carrying clip.

    Seagate Wireless Plus

    Extra storage for the iPad comes at a hefty premium so it’s prudent to look at accessories like Seagate’s Wireless Plus, where you can effectively expand the internal storage of the iPad to 1TB for a fraction of the cost. The Wireless Plus is essentially a portable hard drive with built-in Wi-Fi that wirelessly connects to your iPad. Using Seagate’s dedicated iPad app, you can access all of the video, photos, audio, documents and other files stored on your external drive without an active internet connection. You can even synchronise files stored on cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive to the Wireless Plus and then access them offline from your iPad while on the go or you can back-up all your data to the drive itself. Another handy feature is the ability to turn the drive into a wireless hub allowing you to share a single internet connection with up to seven tablets, smartphones or computers.

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