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The Smarter Team is made up of business and technology journalists who write to offer insights to small and medium businesses about technology, business know-how and emerging trends.

Smarter Writer
Smarter Team

The Smarter Team is made up of business and technology journalists who write to offer insights to small and medium businesses about technology, business know-how and emerging trends.

  • An effective e-commerce platform has enabled Happy Way to build an international customer-base.    
  • Collaborating with social media influencers has been a successful marketing strategy for the business.    
  • A dedication to continual learning and a focus on growth made Happy Way stand out to the judges.    

The road to success is paved with energy, passion and a successful social media strategy for food supplement brand Happy Way.

The small business was crowned 2018 Telstra South Australia Business of the year at the 26th annual Telstra South Australia Business Awards on Thursday, 5 July. Fitness instructors, Hien Nguyen and Ben Germein developed Happy Way as female-friendly natural protein powder to supplement their diets, without the muscle boosting focus of existing brands. 

Since establishing the business three years ago, the pair have collaborated with social media influencers, including celebrity personal trainer Ashy Bines, and a search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy to nurture a strong online presence.

They have also adopted an e-commerce platform that has enabled them to reach customers in 64 countries around the world, with international purchases now accounting for ten per cent of Happy Way’s annual revenue.

Happy Way – winners of the 2018 Telstra South Australia Business of the Year. 2018 Telstra South Australia Business of the Year winners Hien Nguyen and Ben Germein of Happy Way

“We want our protein powders to make women all over the world feel positive about their body and empowered to make an impact on their life,” Mr Nguyen said. 

Accepting the award, Mr Germein said he was “humbled and honoured” by the recognition of the work the pair had put into their business.

“It’s going to do amazing things for us. We’re an online business… so the fact that we have this content to post on our social media [we’re] going to get massive recognition and credibility [through] having this award and Telstra’s name associated with us.”

The shared passion for delivering a product that helps women maintain a healthy lifestyle has been a key element in the business’s success to date, the judges believe. 

“[They’re] passionate and authentic; two guys genuinely energised by improving the lifestyles of their customers,” the judges said.

“[Happy Way has] amazing branding, marketing and channels to engage with their customers leveraging social influencers and social media [and a] sound financial understanding and awareness of the cash flow issues of their fast growth.

“Their teamwork as business partners and their keen approach to continual learning and growing their business were key factors that made them stand out from other businesses.” The business also took home the Telstra South Australia Emerging and Energised Award.  Celebrating their 26th year, the Telstra Business Awards showcase the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of Australia’s best small and medium businesses. 

The other business winners at the 2018 Telstra South Australia Business Awards include: 

● Kids Sense Child Development, a paediatric occupational therapy and speech pathology service provider, was named 2018 Telstra South Australia Small and Succeeding Business Award.

● PowerHealth, a global healthcare software business specialising in cost and revenue, enterprise billing, and safety and quality software for hospitals and other healthcare organisations, won the 2018 Telstra South Australia Medium and Making Waves Award.

● ProActiv People Solutions, a specialist in assisting injured workers to return to work, took home the 2018 Telstra South Australia Social Change Maker Award. 

Nominations are open year-round.
Find out moreNominations are open year-round.

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