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    My favourite apps: Alison Dean, events extraordinaire

    Tiffany Loh
    Smarter Writer

    Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

    Tiffany Loh
    Smarter Writer

    Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

    When you work in a small business time is of the essence. Here we explore the desktops and smartphones of sole traders, freelancers and small business owners around the country, so you can work smarter, not harder.

    Managing a yearly event that celebrates the strength of women across five capital cities, while being a mum to three young children means that Alison Dean, founder and director of The High Tea Party rarely gets to sit at a desk for very long. Styling ballrooms, organising event pamper sessions, and liaising with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (part of the proceeds from every event go to the charity) means that Alison does most her work while on the go.

    Here are the top five apps that help Alison to keep her business going no matter where she is.

    Alison Dean and others sitting at table

    1. PayPal

    Management of ticket sales is a massive part of tracking and keeping on top of each event. 

    PayPal takes away a lot of the stress by seeing at a glance, how things are looking.

    Free – iOS, Android, Web

    2. Receipt bank

    I'm one of those people who lose receipts, much to my accountant's ongoing dismay! Receipt Bank means I can take a photo of any invoice or receipt as soon as I get it and then if it disappears into the void that seems to be my handbag, it doesn't matter. Even better, it’s compatible with Xero which means less work for me.

    Free to trial – iOS, Android

    3. MailChimp editor

    Communicating with our database of guests and exhibitors is paramount for me as it keeps people engaged and excited about what we're doing. MailChimp lets me manage my lists, view reports on how campaigns are tracking and I can even send a new campaign on the go.

    Free – iOS, Android, Web

    4. Weatherzone

    The weather really does impact on people's event plans, so I'm slightly addicted to checking Weatherzone in the lead up to each event. It’s always good to have a wet weather contingency plan – no matter how late in the day it is!

    Free – iOS, Android

    5. Xero

    Xero has changed my life! Numbers aren't my favourite aspect of the business, but like any small business – they are the most important. Xero means I can easily make sense of what is happening with my accounts, but I can also send invoices and manage the business regardless of where I am.

    Free to trial – iOS, Android, Web

    Prices correct at time of publishing.

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