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Control your business with the Telstra Gateway Pro

Nathanael Peacock
Technology Journalist

Nathanael Peacock is a tech, digital and entertainment writer

Nathanael Peacock
Technology Journalist

Nathanael Peacock is a tech, digital and entertainment writer

Telstra has launched a new modem to help DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ and Business NBN customers connect. We check out some of the tech under the hood of the Telstra Gateway Pro.

Managing a small business is always going to take time, effort and the drive to succeed. So you need technology that will work day in and day out to connect you to the day to day.

Product shot of the Telstra Gateway Pro

Introducing the Telstra Gateway Pro

The Telstra Gateway Pro is designed to help manage your network, so that you can focus on what you’re best at: Running the business.

In the past we’ve looked at how DOT is helping Crisp Salad manage their burgeoning salad empire across four stores around Melbourne – as well as how connectivity and collaboration can be a key to success.

Whether you are managing one store or six outlets and a digital commerce offering, the Telstra Gateway Pro modem is available to help manage your network, keep data safe and help staff communicate and share documents.

Let’s get technical

To keep the office humming, the Telstra Gateway Pro operates on the latest WiFi AC technology with 4 x 4 antennas, as well as a faster chip set than previous models and dual-band coverage. Meaning that you can have more staff working over WiFi, as well as manage cloud storage and document sharing wirelessly without compromising speed or download times.

In the event that the fixed broadband service is interrupted, the Telstra Gateway Pro is compatible with Mobile Broadband backup through USB to connect and help keep the business running with minimal interruption over the Telstra Mobile Network.

The Telstra Gateway Pro is equipped with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) option for your portable devices, which can be used by a number of staff members. So if you’re out working from a café on a laptop, or sitting on a train with a tablet you can still get your work done.

The Telstra Gateway Pro is designed to be ready for the NBN rollout, as well as working on the existing copper network. It is compatible across a variety of access types including ADSL, FTTN, FTTB and FTTP.

The Business Pro Gateway modem is designed with NBN in mind, connecting businesses as technology evolves to help us innovate. The Telstra Gateway Pro uses modern technology and an updated design to connect your business. 

Wondering how you can get your hands on the Telstra Gateway Pro?

Check out the latest DOT and NBN business plans with Telstra for more info.

Find Out MoreWondering how you can get your hands on the Telstra Gateway Pro?

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