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    Getting home: Top tech to get you out of the office

    Smarter Staff
    Smarter Writer

    This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

    Smarter Staff
    Smarter Writer

    This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

    Looking to improve efficiency on the road? See how Office365 from Telstra can benefit your business here.

    woman at desk fashion office

    Live in the cloud

    The wealth of new cloud services offer the most effective way to escape your desk. They don't just keep important files at your fingertips, they also put enterprise-grade features within reach of small businesses.

    If you cram all your paperwork in a shoebox, or rely on a convoluted mess of spreadsheets, then it's time to upgrade to a cloud-based accounting package like Xero, Saasu, MYOB or Reckon. They'll help save you time every day – letting you generate purchase orders and invoices with a few clicks, as well as balance the books at tax time. And time saved, is time spent at home.

    Get mobile

    The cloud doesn't just save you time, it also makes it easier to get things done while you're away from your desk. You can login at home and knock over admin chores after dinner, but you can also get a lot done on your smartphone while you're on the road.

    Once you can work on the run you can stay productive during your daily commute. Not just managing your finances, but handling other tasks using cloud-based Office suites like Google AppsTM or Microsoft Office 365® which sync with your files at work.

    There are plenty of other apps to help you stay on top of things during the day, like Evernote or Google Keep for storing important notes, and Any.Do or Wunderlist to manage your to-do list. Using mobile apps to get more done during the day makes it easier to get away from the office sooner and clock off when you get home.

    At a glance

    Productivity on the run isn't just about the smartphone in your pocket. Wearables like AndroidTM Wear smart watches let you glance at notifications so you don't need to reach for your phone to see if something is important. This ability to glance at your watch and go back to what you were doing makes it easier to strike a better work/life balance when you're away from your desk. After all, one glance is usually enough to tell you that email is really urgent.

    Things you need to know: Microsoft Office 365 is either a registered trade mark or trade mark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Android is a trade mark of Google, Inc. Other brands referred to in this article are trade marks of their respective owners.

    Looking to improve efficiency on the road?

    See how Office 365 from Telstra can benefit your business here. 

    Find out moreLooking to improve efficiency on the road?

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