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This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

Smarter Staff
Smarter Writer

This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

The biggest challenge for North West Agrifinance in Tamworth was managing staff and assets out of the office. That’s where Microsoft Office 365 comes in.

Cameron Scott works with North West Agrifinance, covering hundreds of kilometres a week visiting his clients. His business relies on the Telstra network and Microsoft® Office 365 to keep everything up to date when he is out of the office to work on documents and calendars in real time. 

Find the time to do more - North West Finance

Follow the cloud

Research conducted by Intuit looked into the way that different businesses in the US used their technology for managing their finance and staff. Suggested that 78 per cent of small businesses in the US would be fully cloud operational by 2020.

On top of this is the suggestion that 43 per cent of small business owners use a smartphone as the primary device to run their business. This data is supported by the fact that 81 per cent of small businesses owners said that seamless software integration was important to them.

Office 365 meant that staff operating remotely away from the business can stay on the same network, keeping up to date on projects and keeping in contact with other staff members as needed. When in the field, the business is run primarily from connected smart phones and tablets. Office 365 helps them to access documents from the field.

The connected nature of Office 365 means that staff are able to work effectively on the same network when sharing documents and keep important spreadsheets up to date. Effective backups and cloud storage help keep these documents safe and secure if anything should happen to the internal network.

The results

After the upgrade, all North West Agrifinance staff now have access to some of the tools they need to collaborate effectively online, meaning that working from the office and working on the go have the same outcome. With video meetings and the easy sharing of documents, North West Agrifinance are able to find the time to do more and make more of their growing business.

North West Agrifinance used Office 365 to keep their staff on the same page.

Look at how Office 365 can help your business.

Find Out MoreNorth West Agrifinance used Office 365 to keep their staff on the same page.

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