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The 6 Best Business Features Of iOS 7

Krishan Sharma
Technology Journalist

Krishan Sharma is a freelance journalist who writes for various consumer tech and business IT publications

Krishan Sharma
Technology Journalist

Krishan Sharma is a freelance journalist who writes for various consumer tech and business IT publications

The most useful features of iOS 7 make day-to-day business operations that much easier.

mobile phone being held in persons hand

2. Multi-Tasking is Now Actually Useful

Switching between apps was always a bit of a guessing game on iOS but now when you press the home button twice, you will actually see preview screens of the apps you actually have open, making it a lot easier to jump between apps.  

It's also now quicker to close apps which now just takes a swipe while in preview mode.

3. Expanded Notifications 

Notifications have now been expanded to include "Today", "All", and "Missed" tabs which provide more detail of upcoming meetings in your calendar, weather, stocks, missed calls and other notifications.

4. Control Centre

While Android users have been enjoying this feature for a while, it's good to see Apple finally rolling it out to iOS with some nice new additions. 

Control Centre can be accessed by just swiping up from any screen and gives you immediate access to the calculator, connect to AirPlay, switching to Airplane mode, turning Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off, adjusting the brightness of the smartphone display, and even turning on the flashlight which uses the phone's camera flash.

5. Improved Mail 

The default Mail app has been improved and incorporates new features such as the ability to view PDF annotations directly from within an email and much improved search capabilities. In addition, Microsoft Exchange 2010 users can also now sync notes with Outlook on their desktop PC.

6. Improvements for the Enterprise

Apple has made some notable improvements with iOS 7 that will interest business users who usually have their idevices managed by IT departments. You can now enter your own personal Apple ID when making purchases on a company account and apps are placed in the employee's purchase history for re-download purposes.

The authentication process for corporate apps has also been simplified. Using Enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO), you now only need to enter your user credentials once and will automatically be used across apps.

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