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Jenneth Orantia
Smarter Writer

Jenneth Orantia is a journalist who has been reporting on tech developments and trends for the last decade

Jenneth Orantia
Smarter Writer

Jenneth Orantia is a journalist who has been reporting on tech developments and trends for the last decade

Looking for the sort of office that you can setup in less than five minutes and is light enough to carry around all day?

We spend more of our lives than ever out of the office, and staying connected has never been more important to small businesses. To help you stay productive wherever you go, we've compiled our favourite mobile gadgets, from bluetooth headsets to portable Wi-Fi.

six different technology gadgets

1. Jawbone ERA

Now that wearable computing is a “thing”, Bluetooth headsets aren’t as dorky as they used to be, especially not the Jawbone ERA, with its tiny profile and stylish design. The ERA’s ‘NoiseAssassin’ technology means you can hear callers (and vice versa) in the noisiest conditions, and it can launch Apple’s Siri or Android’s Google Now voice recognition technology for hands-free computing on your smartphone. It will even remind you of upcoming appointments.RRP $135Macbook Air Laptop

2. Apple MacBook Air

Apple’s newest range of MacBook Airs are cheaper and more powerful than ever. For an extra $50 for the top-of-the-range iPad Air, you get a fully functional laptop running the latest Mac OS X Mavericks operating system, an 11-inch screen, and a stunning aluminium body – all weighing in at just a fraction over a kilo. The sealed battery is good for an impressive nine hours of battery life and it supports the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi.From RRP $1099Cygnett ChargeUp Pro Powerbank

3. Cygnett Charge

Up Pro PowerbankIf you’re going to be out of the house all day, an external battery pack should be a standard inclusion in your carry bag. The Cygnett ChargeUp Pro Powerbank offers an impressive 11,000mAh of battery capacity, with twin USB outputs that can charge two gadgets simultaneously. One of the ports has the higher 2.1 Amp output for charging tablets like the Apple iPad, which you can also use for charging smartphones and other gadgets at a faster clip.RRP $89.95STM Trust Small Carry Case

4. STM Trust Small

Don’t let its small size fool you – the STM Trust can fit an astonishing amount of gadgets and personal accoutrement. The small version is designed to accommodate laptops up to 13-inch, but it will happily accommodate a 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina in the padded laptop compartment. There are plenty of pockets throughout, including a dedicated tablet pocket, a lined compartment at the front for easy access to your phone or sunglasses, and a rear slip pocket for stashing documents.RRP $150Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced

5. Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced

The Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced will provide your mobile office with high-speed internet access almost anywhere in Australia, averaging between 2 and 50Mbps. You can connect up to ten devices simultaneously and the battery is good for up to 10 hours per charge. The colour screen makes it easy to check various details at a glance, such as signal strength, speed and battery life. It also displays a colour-coded bar that shows how much data is left in your current billing cycle.RRP $41 per month for 4GB of dataTwelve South PlugBug World Travel Charger

6. Twelve South Plug

Bug World Travel ChargerIf you're a MacBook user, the PlugBug is a handy gadget to take on overseas work trips. It replaces the detachable power plug on the standard MacBook charger and comes with various plug connectors in the box to use it anywhere in the world. It also houses a 2.1-amp USB port to charge your smartphone and other gadgets with or without the MacBook charger connected.RRP $49.95

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