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    Protecting your business with tech

    Nathanael Peacock
    Technology Journalist

    Nathanael Peacock is a tech, digital and entertainment writer

    Nathanael Peacock
    Technology Journalist

    Nathanael Peacock is a tech, digital and entertainment writer

    When running a business, you should consider how you are protecting your assets – both physical and digital. There are tech solutions that can help keep your business secure.

    Two workers in a security call centre looking at a series of computers.

    Businesses are faced with multiple security threats, but there are measures you can take to help keep protected. If you’re running any part of your business from a physical space, there are tech solutions that can help keep your premise secure. And as more business processes continue to go digital, it’s vital that you understand how to prevent and respond to threats when operating online. Here, we look at how you can shore up your security with the help of tech.

    Real-world protection

    In order to help keep your physical assets safe, your business should be protected with at least an alarm system that monitors the security of doors and windows. Telstra has combined its mobile network with the security expertise of our partner’s at Sapio to produce Telstra Business Protect, an nbn-ready wireless alarm monitoring service that helps manage your business’s security when your work premises are unattended. It keeps your alarms wirelessly connected to the security monitoring centre via the Telstra Mobile Network.

    Want to protect your business?

    Discover how Business Protect can help keep your business secure.

    Find Out MoreWant to protect your business?

    Prevent threats online

    The impacts of COVID-19 have emphasised that a business’s online presence must be up to the mark for it to thrive in a digitally connected world. As many business transactions move online and more teams are distributed across multiple locations, cyber criminals are taking advantage of growing online activities. Without adequate protection, you could be exposed to online attacks. The Telstra Business Intelligence report on Managing Risks Online found that 44% of the small and medium businesses surveyed said they could be doing more to protect their business from online attacks. For many businesses, online security is a far-away thought and can seem complex, but there are everyday things you can (and should) be doing to best protect your business, team, customers, reputation and bottom line. For expert advice and actionable tips, access the free report and learn more.

    Get on the front foot

    Security should be about active protection, rather than passive reaction. You don’t want to be caught out when a simple tweak to your system could have saved you money in the long run. If it’s been a while since you’ve looked over your systems, it may be time to have a licensed security technician complete a health check to assess where any weaknesses are.

    *Originally published May 10th 2016. Updated February 19th 2021.

    Can your business afford an attack?

    When it comes to online security, experts say it pays to be proactive.

    Access free reportCan your business afford an attack?

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