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    Smarter Writer

    This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

    Smarter Staff
    Smarter Writer

    This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

    Signing on the dotted line doesn’t need to slow down your workflow with a suite of new apps.

    Whether you are looking to put on new staff, or add a new supplier to your lists, contracts can take time and attention. Building a relationship takes time, and getting off on the wrong foot can sour the experience for both parties. That’s where apps like DocuSign® come in.

    Chase business not signatures

    Telstra Business & Enterprise Apps - DocuSign

    The digital paper trail

    Digital transaction management services like DocuSign let you securely manage, send, and sign contracts and other important documents. Upload your document, add the names and email addresses of the people who need to sign, and send it to your recipients.

    Essentially, DocuSign helps streamline the paper trail, making some processes faster and more efficient. This comes into play for businesses wanting to cut costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

    This is also useful for companies with a shifting or mobile work force, use contractors or freelance workers. Adding more workers to your existing pool a few times a year means more contracts and traditionally, more paper. Having preset templates to manage contracts for provisional workers could make this process faster and less stressful for each contract you produce. There is also an electronic audit trail with bank-class security to ensure that your documents and information are kept safe in transit.

    Working within DocuSign is as simple as creating your template, putting names in and passing it on to recipients, they sign the agreement and send it straight back to you.  All without the paper trail.

    Sealing the deal is a lot easier with DocuSign.

    Look at how DocuSign make your next deal a breeze.

    Find Out MoreSealing the deal is a lot easier with DocuSign.

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