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  • Is your business nbn™ ready? Take the quiz

    Smarter Staff
    Smarter Writer

    This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

    Smarter Staff
    Smarter Writer

    This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

    • Once the nbn™ arrives in your area you will have 18 months to switch to an nbn plan.
    • Your business can be switched to the nbn with little or no downtime.    
    • Connecting to the nbn will create opportunities for businesses to embrace new technologies which could improve productivity.    

    Getting ready for the nbn™ network is simpler than you might think. Test your knowledge and learn more about what to expect with the Smarter Business™ nbn quiz.

    The nbn network is creating new business opportunities in our increasingly interconnected world. With a range of new benefits, the nbn is changing the way we do business.

    woman working on laptop amongst clothes racks

    Many are already enjoying the benefits of remote working, easier collaboration and access to new customers that the nbn can deliver, while others are eager (some would say, chomping at the bit) to discover the differences that Australia's biggest infrastructure project can bring.

    But did you know that once the nbn is available in your area, you have 18 months to switch to a new plan before your existing internet service is disconnected? That’s why it’s worth doing your research and being prepared so that you know exactly what to expect when the time comes.

    • My business doesn’t need to do anything to switch to the nbn

      Answer: False

      You won’t be connected to the nbn automatically. You need to contact your preferred phone or internet service provider to discuss your requirements and select the most appropriate plan for your business. Make sure any new product or service you buy from now on is compatible with the nbn. This may save you spending more on replacements when connection time arrives.

      The rollout of nbn rollout is well underway. Check if your business already has access.

    • All Australian businesses will eventually need to switch to the nbn to access broadband internet.

      Answer: True

      Eventually, all Australian businesses will have access to the nbn – from remote locations and regional centres to urban sprawls. Older broadband services will be switched off in each area 18 months after the new nbn services become available. Therefore, businesses will need to switch across to the nbn if they want to stay connected to broadband internet. The rollout of the National Broadband Network is well underway. Check if your business already has access. If the network hasn’t reached your area yet, you can register to receive an email when it becomes available at your address.

    • Once the nbn is available in my area my business will become a customer of nbn.

      Answer: False

      nbn Ltd is a wholesaler and doesn’t provide services directly to end users. When you’re ready to connect, your first point of contact will be with a phone or internet service provider. Providers can offer a range of different plans and should take you through step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the nbn, depending on the type(s) of connection available in your area.

    • My business will definitely need a new modem and/or router to connect to the nbn.

      Answer: False

      How your business will access the nbn will dictate the kind of modem you'll need for nbn. However, some existing ADSL2 modems are compatible, so check with your internet provider first if you want to keep your existing equipment when you sign up to a plan. They will also give you tips on a router, often if it supports Ethernet WAN or wireless networking for your phone and internet. If you’re unsure on the equipment you need, why not book a call with our team at Telstra?

    • My business will need to make a lot of space for bulky new equipment.

      Answer: True

      It all depends on how your business will access the nbn, whether by a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection or Fibre to the Building (FTTB) connection. You don’t need to understand what the technical jargon means, but if it’s FTTP, an nbn-approved installer will need to install a utility box on the outside of your premises and a connection box inside your premises. If you are connecting via FTTB – often this is the case if you’re responsible for the whole building – you’ll also need to consider a good location for the utility box.

      If your business is in a remote area, you may find access to the new broadband network is provided through a Fixed Wireless or Sky Muster™ satellite connection, requiring a connection box and an antenna or dish to be installed in a suitable position. But don’t worry about all the technical details just yet, enter your address in our checker to confirm your nbn availability and the type of nbn available to you. Once you know, you can look into what type of connection and what equipment you may need.

    • I need to update all of my business technology to be compatible with the nbn.

      Answer: False

      Many devices will continue to work with the nbn but double check with your service provider if your existing communications equipment – including your modem and phone(s) – is compatible. For example, you may need to order a specific type of phone service on the nbn. Not all phone services use the dedicated UNI-V ports on the back of the nbn connection boxes. Other equipment that operates via a landline may also need to be checked, such as EFTPOS machines, fax machines, health claim machines or fire indicator panels. Security alarms and other alarms that rely on a copper phone line might be worth checking also. Try and check your system in advance so that, if you do need to change, you’ll have plenty of time to research and choose a new security system or provider. If you do need a wireless alarm monitoring service, Telstra’s Business Protect works over the Telstra Mobile Network and is specifically designed for the new nbn. .

    • My phone and internet will be automatically disconnected once the nbn arrives in my area.

      Answer: False

      The disconnection of the existing network will not happen immediately after construction of the nbn begins in your area. You should be notified that you have access to the nbn 18 months before the scheduled disconnection date (and periodically after that), giving you plenty of time to research plans and providers. However, it’s a good idea to prepare early so you can switch to the nbn well before your disconnection date to allow time for your order to be processed, and for any installation tasks to be completed if applicable. Processing times can snowball into weeks and months when a lot of homes and businesses begin to switch over ahead of the disconnection date. Also, switching to an nbn plan will not necessarily cancel your previous broadband and phone services – particularly if you’re switching providers as well. When the time comes, remember to call your existing provider’s billing/accounts department to ensure your old services are cancelled.

    • My business is in a regional area, so I will need to have a satellite dish installed.

      Answer: False

      A satellite connection to the nbn means internet is transmitted via the nbn Sky Muster™ satellite – operated by nbn co Ltd – to a satellite dish fitted on the roof of your business. This is intended for users in remote locations and should affect only about three per cent of the population, with Fixed Wireless servicing another five per cent.

    • I will have to shut down my business while the connection is installed.

      Answer: False

      Typically, your business can be switched to the nbn with minimal downtime. Most installations take between two to four hours. Usually, you can continue to use your existing services until your new equipment is installed and your new service is activated. Of course, this depends on the type of connection. When your service provider organises your appointment with an nbn approved installer, ask for an estimate of how much time it’s likely to take. .

    • I will need to train my employees to operate a new set of technology and equipment.

      Answer: False

      As far as connecting to the nbn is concerned, there’s no new technology to learn. However, the capacity to bring in new customers and embrace new ways of collaborating and operating your business, as well as new ways of working, may call for new technology to help you to greater efficiencies and productivity, even into new markets. The choice of new equipment is entirely yours but you can talk to your broadband service provider about some of the exciting options.

    • The nbn will make doing business easier.

      Answer: True

      Sure will. For businesses, the broadband network means being able to access a great range of voice services as well as HD video conferencing, smart call management, remote working, state-of-the-art security systems, media streaming and cloud computing – all helping to improve productivity and efficiency, including reduced travel costs. It will also be easier for your business to find customers in an increasingly connected global marketplace, and vice versa.



    The national broadband network is changing the way Australia does business.

    Many are already enjoying the benefits of remote working, easier collaboration and access to new customers that the nbn™ can deliver, while others are eager (some would say, champing at the bit) to discover the differences Australia’s biggest infrastructure project can bring.If you’re a business owner, make sure to carefully investigate your options early, as switching over may take time.Acting early will also mean that your business can take early advantage of everything that the nbn has to offer.

    Business tools to use with the nbn

    The nbn brings faster, more reliable internet. With that comes easier use of vauablevaluable digital tools for your business. Explore a great range of them withthanks to Telstra.

    Originally published September 6th, 2018. Updated July 29th, 2019.


    Faster internet is just a click away.

    Talk to Telstra about the best nbn™ option for your business.

    Find Out MoreFaster internet is just a click away.

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